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The Mentor Leader

Role of the Mentor Leader

  • To partner up each New member with a Mentor

  • To provide training and guidance to new Mentors

  • To provide on-going guidance to all Mentors

  • To gauge progress by meeting with the Mentor and New Member periodically

Mentor Leaders Qualities

  • Available.
    You must have time to spend with a member - at least 15 minutes each week to help with speeches and questions.

  • Patient.
    You should be willing to provide whatever it takes to help the mentee.

  • Sensitive.  
    Tact and diplomacy are vital. Always be careful to say and do things that will motivate and encourage the mentee. Be loyal and take care not to betray mentee's confidences.

  • Respectful.  
    A mentor respects the differences between himself, the mentee, and others.

  • Flexible.  
    You must accept that mentees may make decisions with which you may not agree.

  • Supportive of the Club.  
    Show your pride in Parliament Hill Toastmasters and what it has done - and can do - for members.

  • Knowledgeable.
    Be familiar with the Club, its operations, the educational program, and Toastmasters International organization.

  • Confident.  
    You need to be self-assured and friendly.

  • A good listener.  
    A mentor must listen carefully. You can enable the mentee to articulate the problem and sort things out.

  • Concerned about others.  
    You must care about other people and truly want to help them.


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