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Mentoring Program & Responsibilities

Remember when you first joined your Toastmaster Club?

People helping people grow!

Like most people you were probably wondering, "What do I do next?  Who to turn to for help?"

That is exactly why successful clubs put in place a mentoring program your club should not be an exception. 

This information has been prepared for a club Mentoring Program. The following pages provides information on the roles of:

Most New Members join Toastmasters because they have an interest  and/or needs that relate to public speaking. Research has shown that a majority of these people equate the self-improvement they seek from Toastmasters with career advancement or professional development. Each member's success is facilitated with the guidance of an experienced peer - - the Mentor Program has been set up for just this purpose: to guide the New Member to realize his/her goals and ambitions.

Cynthia Rurak and Jen Empey originally developed this information in 1996. It was modified in 1997 by Dennis Baird of Bytown Toastmasters and again by Sylvain Auffret, at the time with Parliament Hill Toastmasters, in 2000

  • What is a mentoring program? 
    The aim of a mentoring program is to help new and established club members develop their speaking & leadership skills. A mentor serves as a role model, coach and confidante to the "mentee" offering knowledge, insight, perspective, or wisdom useful to the "mentee."  
    The mentor not only helps the new member in the preparation of their speeches, a mentor also:

    • provides information on club customs, roles and procedures

    • serves as a coach and cheerleader for the first three (or more) speeches

  • Who can be a mentor?
    Any club member who has a desire and time to help their fellow club member develop and hone their skills. Preferably a mentor should have completed several speeches in the basic manual and served most meeting roles.

  • How much time does this entail? 
    Whether you are a mentor or mentee, the time required will vary. You can discuss your needs over the phone or in person. The time you put into the program is totally up to you. Generally 15 min a week does it.

  • Where do you meet? 
    Again that is totally up to you. You may choose to meet after a club meeting or over coffee. Your imagination is the limit

  • Why would you want to participate in such a program? 
    (What’s in it for me?) 
    When you become involved in the program you will quickly gain valuable skills. These skills include but are not limited to: 

    • Developing confidence as a coach,

    • Insight in speech craft,

    • Building a lasting rapport with a fellow club member and much more.

  • Don't pass up this great growing opportunity!

  • Sign up today in the Parliament Hill Toastmasters mentoring program!

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