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Qualities of a Mentee

  • Eager to learn.
    Be willing to take on new challenges.

  • Receptive.  
    Be open to feedback, viewing it as an opportunity to improve yourself.

  • Open to new ideas.  
    See things from other perspectives.

  • Loyal.  
    Do not violate confidences or trust.

  • Appreciative.  
    Appreciate the help your mentor is giving.

Role of the Mentee

  • To be open and frank with their Mentor

  • To provide an assessment of where they think they stand in relation to their goals

  • To discuss their proposed speech with their Mentor so that the Mentor can offer advice or suggestions

  • To ask questions !!!!!!!

Guidelines for the Mentee

  • Prepare a list of goals and objectives

  • Meet with your Mentor to discuss your goals and provide input into the assessment

  • Jointly (with your Mentor) establish a development plan

  • Proactively act on your development plan, keep track of actions taken and progress made

  • Initiate progress review meetings with your Mentor on a regular basis

  • Advise your Mentor of any difficulties or concerns -- remember your Mentor is there to help you!

  • If conflicts occur with your mentor try to work them out. If they continue, and if you are not comfortable with your assigned mentor, contact the VP Education.


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